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About Us

Art Supplies That Inspire

Visit our shop page and let yourself buy something you have not tried before.
Get it and try all sorts of ways to use it (dry, wet, on smooth paper, on bumpy paper, over the top of another medium, etc.). Experiment as if you are a “mad” scientist and are testing this odd thing just to see how it behaves under different conditions.

Or gather some friends together and try each other’s favorite art supplies. Great way to sample things and test colors!

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About Us

RUSART Art Supplies is an on-line art store where you can buy everything for painting, including very rare and precious art materials, such as Kolinsky sable brushes, White Nights watercolours or Podolsk French field easel.

RUSART Art Supplies sells only quality brands and products. As a team of professional artists we test all products we sell ourselves and can give honest opinion on every item we carry. All our products belong to children, student, artist, professional or master grade depending on quality and purpose. We never mark student grade paints as professional.


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