Why paints are so differently priced?

Generally, all paints have different components; however, all they have the following things:

  • Pigments (the most expensive and valuable part)
  • Binders (oil, acrylic dispersion, watercolour dispersion, clay, honey etc.)
  • Additives (to enhance colours)
  • Fillers
    The first two components are most valuable and the fourth one is less desired. So, the more pigment load the higher the price. Usually paintsare graded as a student, casual/artist, professional, and master. Student grade paints usually have pigment load 2-20%, while master grade – up to 90% with no fillers at all. That doesn’t mean you should always buy master grade paints; purchase what you need. For sketches, under paintings, studies, abstract art, and basic landscapes student grade paints work very well and you can save. However, for portraits and some most precious works we’d recommend professional paints.

Some examples of paints you can always find at our store.

  • Artist grade: Sonnet
  • Master grade: White Nights
  • Student grade: Sonnet
  • Artist grade: Ladoga, Maimeri Classico
  • Professional: Master Class
  • Master grade: Maimeri Puro

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