Sonnet Metallic Watercolours in Pans Testing

We tested another new product by Nevskaya Palitra: Sonnet metallic watercolours in pans.

Paints nicely wrapped in soft foil and labeled with manufacturer information. When you unwrap a pan you find a full pan of metallic paint ready to use in wet or dry techniques.

Depending on paper grain and water amount results look different. With more water silver colour turns into translucent metallic shines, which is perfect for glazing light watercolour paintings. Inca gold colour is opposite, with more water you see less shine and more yellow shade, while antique gold looks more interesting and shiny with more water used.

Copper colour has higher granulation than any other and this colour benefits from mixing with Inca gold, softening copper shade and balancing the shine.

If most watercolours after drying bring some disappointment, these metallic colours look even better, as metallic shine looks evenly blended and colours more balanced.

We’d recommend Sonnet metallic watercolours for mixed media projects as well as regular watercolour painting for emphasizing metallic sparkle.

Tested by Elena Nahum Leroy

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