Roubloff synthetic flat brushes

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Roubloff synthetic flat brushes work very well for heavy paints, such as oils, acrylic, and gouache, as well as with transparent ones like watercolours. These professional synthetic brushes are very durable and soft.

However, compared to natural hair, synthetic brushes have one major drawback: they are unable to hold a large charge of paint, and they release their load all at once. In watercolours synthetic brushes are very effective for washing paint out and for “white lines”, when taking some paint off is needed (for instance, clouds, waves, highlights).

This manufacturer was established in 1988 in Kirov, Russia. The company applies German technologies adjusted by Russian professionals. All these allow to follow high world standards and keep prices more affordable. Roubloff is a world-wide well-known brand with good reputation. Professional quality lets you enjoy painting with no struggling with materials.

Flat shape works perfectly almost for every purpose. You can apply paint, blend it, use one brush stroke techniques and much more.

Although synthetic brushes are very popular due to their lower prices they can’t substitute natural hair in full.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Brush handle

Long handle

Brushes number

14, 16, 20, 30, 4, 6


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