Podolsk Art Center Drawing Sauces

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Choose an option10 Chalks, Black10 Chalks, Variety10 Chalks, White5 Chalks, Bistr5 Chalks, Gray5 Chalks, Gray Blue5 Chalks, Gray Green5 Chalks, Light Gray5 chalks, Ochre-Gray5 Chalks, Warm Gray
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Drawing sauces are very unique products and now they’re available on Canadian market. Made of natural pigment and clay, they are very soft and produce almost no dust. Drawing sauces provide perfect soft blending, have natural colours and smooth texture. Apart from other kinds of chalks, sauces can be used in both dry and wet techniques. Just wash and blend them as watercolours with a soft brush.

Due to their unique texture no fixative is needed when a picture is finished. however, sauces have a disadvantage: due to their soft texture they are very fragile and some chalks may arrive broken.

Perfect choice for graphic arts, especially for life drawings and portraits.

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10 Chalks, Black, 10 Chalks, Variety, 10 Chalks, White, 5 Chalks, Bistr, 5 Chalks, Gray, 5 Chalks, Gray Blue, 5 Chalks, Gray Green, 5 Chalks, Light Gray, 5 chalks, Ochre-Gray, 5 Chalks, Warm Gray

2 reviews for Podolsk Art Center Drawing Sauces

  1. James

    I love life drawing and like to draw tonally (without lines), so, for the last two or three years, I have been using Sauce crayons exclusively, because of their unique combination of qualities – very soft and easy to blend with fingers or torchions, grip well on even quite slick surfaces, so don’t need fixing, but are easy to shape with erasers or cotton wool tips and discs. Lay down a “ground” of the light tone then draw on top with the dark – white/black, warm grey/dark grey or grey ochre/bistr all give wonderfully subtle effects when blended.

  2. Chris Serra

    Thanks so much for the Podolsk crayons
    Used them today. The formula seems to be exactly as I remember. I’ve bought the ones sold by Richeson and they are not the same as the ones from you.

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