Podolsk Art Center Drawing Chalks

Choose an optionSet (10 pcs), Sanguine deepSet (10 pcs), Sanguine lightSet (10 pcs), Sepia DeepSet (10 pcs), Sepia LightSet (5 pcs) Sepia and Sanguine
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Podolsk Art Center drawing chalks have a classic colour range: white, sepia, and sanguine. These chalks are manufactured in accordance with high international standards. Made of finely ground pigments and high-quality binders, these chalks are very soft, don’t crumble and leave smooth lines.

Perfect choice for graphic arts, especially for life drawing.

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Sets (Chalk)

Set (10 pcs), Sanguine deep, Set (10 pcs), Sanguine light, Set (10 pcs), Sepia Deep, Set (10 pcs), Sepia Light, Set (5 pcs) Sepia and Sanguine


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