White Nights

“White Nights” are professional watercolors of the highest quality that combine old masters’ traditions and modern production techniques. The paints are produced of the finely ground pigments and binders adding Gum Arabic which is recognized as the best natural adhesive for professional watercolors. The colors have high-intensity color hues, which do not tone down even when much water is added. This is provided by the high concentration and fine grit of a pigment. The paints have perfect mixing, smearing and spreading qualities. The palette consists mostly of mono pigment and lightfast colors. Available in sets of 12, 16, 24, 36, 48 colors and an assortment of 66 colors in 2,5 ml pans and 64 colors in 10 ml tubes.

Master Class

The color palette consists primarily of traditional colors based on natural earth, cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide pigments, and is characterized by a perfect balance of primer and finished colors. Fine-grained, dough artist’s colors of «MASTER-CLASS» series are notable for their pure colors and high lightfastness, do not change their original color after drying, so they can be used to carry out very important, restoration works.

Complete palette of artist’s oil colours of «MASTER-CLASS» series consists of 88 colours.

Extra-fine artists’ oil colours sets 6×46 ml tubes, 8×18 ml tubes, 12×18 ml tubes cardboard box