White Nights

White Nights watercolours made for professional artists with a perfect balance between old masters’ traditions and modern technologies. These paints combine finely ground pigments and binders, as well as Arabic gum, which is recognized world-wide as the best natural adhesive for professional watercolours. Paints have high pigment load, intense colours, which remain quite strong even being watered down. Most colours are single-pigment with high light fastness. Available in 75 colors in 2,5 ml pans or 73 colors in 10 ml tubes.

Master Class

Master Class is a professional quality product line of oil paints, gouache and acrylic. Most colors have the highest rate of lightfastness, which is important for the most valuable and precious works, such as restoration or museum quality ones.

All paints have pure strong  colors and most of them are mono-pigment, which gives more stable and predictable results in mixing colours.


Ladoga is a high-quality brand for casual painting. It includes oil paints, acrylic and watercolours.
They are perfect students, as well as for artists looking for high quality paints at affordable price.
Instead of expensive mineral pigments (such as cadmiums and cobalts), the Ladoga paints series contains lightfast synthetic pigments. The hue of analogous pigments (marked “A” on labels) corresponds precisely to original colours.
Manufacturing technologies and monitoring at all stages are similar to those for the manufacture of Master Class series. This ensures the high quality of Ladoga series artist’s paints.