Nail design: Brushes for nail art – choose by shape

Flat brush

Synthetic flat brush works very well for painting in one stroke techniques (flowers, leaves, gradient etc.) as well as for finishing with colour powder or sparkles. Its square edge is perfect for the smoothest gel application.

Round brush

They can be successfully used for detailed painting complicated patterns. The most popular round brush has size 00. It’s very fine and works perfectly for dotted patterns and for very fine lines.

Cat’s tongue

This brush works very well for patterns that need wide coverage with fine outlines, like flower petals, as well as for curved lines and for precise or delicate works. Also Cat Tongue Brushes can be successfully used for 3D acrylic and UV gel sculpting. This excellent single pointed brush provides easy application, especially near the cuticle.

Angled brush

It works for painting angles, geometric shapes, and lines. Angled brushes are also a popular choice for one stroke nail art.

Oval brush

This brush can be used for the ‘dry brushing’ stage or application of nail designs or structure gel application.

Fan brush

Usually it’s a synthetic brush with bristles in fan shape. It’s perfect for blending techniques. If several colours applied simultaneously incredible abstract or landscaping patterns can be achieved.

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