Masters’ Painting Secrets: Monet’s way of painting

Sunrise painting by Claude Monet was the picture led to a new movement in arts – impressionism. Monet’s paintings are full of light, colors and air. He shared some of his secrets.

  1. Plain air. He always painted from life and on open air, rain or shine. Colours in day light are totally different from ones at studio or on photos. Room light or photos are unable to transfer a real atmosphere and light.
  2. Thick first layer. When he was starting a new painting, Monet painted dots, sparse strokes, lines, zigzags, and wide lines with rough wide short-bristle brush. He worked on the entire canvas at once and didn’t care about how rough his brush strokes are; because he believed that the first layer must cover the whole thing.
  3. Painting mind free. Never being focused on any specific object, Monet painted what he saw before his eyes: squares, spots, figures, dots etc. – anything but specific objects. He did it until this sort of mosaic formed a picture full of current feelings and impressions.
  4. Pure colours. Monet discovered that colours don’t belong to an object and can be mixed in any way, provided they transfer feelings and light. He preferred pure colours, mixing them right on canvas.
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