Master Class in restoration

Master class oil paints have being manufactured by Petersburg-based company for over 100 years. Paints belong to professional grade meaning high light-fastness, high pigment load and minimum fillers. A lot of restoration works in Russia are performed with Master class oil paints.

In 1985 a huge tragedy happened in the Hermitage State Museum. A museum visitor slashed the Danae painting by priceless Rembrandt with a knife, and on top of this poured sulfuric acid onto the painting. The painting seemed to be lost forever.

Restoration of Danae took almost 12 years. Nevskaya Palitra team totally realized the exceptional importance and responsibility of their work: to find the right color nuance for toning of a great masterpiece.

Naples flesh oil paint was specifically designed for the restoration works and golden shades around Danae were painted with Master class Naples Yellow.

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