How to choose paints: What does light fastness mean?

In addition to information on pigments and transparency paint labels usually have another mark – light fastness.

All colours change their shades and fade with time if contacted with light, air, chemicals or moist. A bad news – it’ not avoidable and this explains why old paintings need some restoration works. A good news – we can minimize this.

Generally speaking, light fastness says how permanent a colour is. For white colours light fastness shows whether white turnes yellow or not.

There are several systems on how to grade light fastness of paints. The most common and internationally accepted is 3-star system:

*** – high light fastness

** – medium light fastness

* – low light fastness

Of course, the stronger light fastness the better. Professional and master grade paints usually have highest light fastness. Cadmuims and cobalts have higher light fastness than their HUE colours. Especially that’s important for yellow colours which light fastness is usually very weak.

Professional paints at our store include, for example, Master Class, White Nights and Maimeri Puro brands.

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