How to choose synthetic brushes

Synthetic brushes appeared on the world art supply market relatively recently and became very popular for all mediums. Due to rapid technology development variety of synthetic brushes grows very fast.

The main advantage of synthetic brushes is their ability to keep shape regardless amount of water (or oil) consumed. So, their flexibility stays the same with or without paint. Only synthetic brushes can ensure straight lines with no breaks. Also manufacturing of synthetic brushes is much less expensive than of natural ones. Finally, what is much more important, synthetic brushes are cruelty free.

Nevertheless, synthetic brushes are unable to substitute natural hair in full, and the most valued details in oil or watercolours are always painted with natural brushes.

The most important factor for synthetic brushes is filament quality, which is far from being the same for all manufacturers. Probably, when shopping in art supply stores, you notices that prices for similar (at the first glance) brushes vary from several cents to 20 or even more dollars. Brushes made of cheep synthetic filament have low life-time since they are not resistant to rubbing. In addition, filament can become curly when you try to remove heavy paint. Brushes, that RUSART Art Supplies offers, have high quality. We don’t sell cheap brushes that are good for gluing and never for painting.

Roubloff brushes, that we always have in stock, can be divided into several groups.
– Soft synthetic brushes. They are perfect for watercolours or ink panting, since they hold paint as well as synthetic brushes can.
– Hard synthetic brushes. They are the most popular brushes and work perfectly with oil, gouache, and acrylic paints.
– Bristle imitation synthetic brushes. Ideal for oil and acrylic painting.
– Kolinsky sable imitation synthetic brushes. Cruelty-free option for detail-lovers. Work very well for all media, including oil, acrylic, watercolours, and gouache.
– Squirrel imitation synthetic brushes. Another cruelty-free choice for watercolour painters.

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