Choose by Shape

Round shape is the most popular and really universal kind of brushes. It is in use everywhere, from fine lining to painting details. A key benefit of a round brush is a possibility to paint lines of different or the same value, which is desired in special works, such as portraits and detailed still lives. For those who like precise work, a round brush is a must-have tool, because, due to its pointy tip, very fine lines can be performed even with a quite big brush.

Liner brush is kind of round brush of smaller size and with longer hair. It’s ideal for really fine and long lines and also works perfectly for signing.

Flat brush has a rectangular shape that allows painting sharp edges and wo   rks perfectly for spreading paints. Bristle flat brushes are ideal for blending when working in oil or acrylic. In watercolouring flat kolinsky, squirrel or soft synthetic brushes can successfully be used for washing techniques.

Oval brushes are also good to have. It’s kind of flat brushes with oval edge. Benefits are about the same as of a flat brush. However, oval brush works better in painting rounded shapes, especially in portraits.

Cat’s tongue shape looks like a flat brush with pointy tip. It’s a very good combination of flat and round brush with variety of opportunities. This brush is very handy in painting landscapes as provides smoother transition between the colours. Also, cat’s tongue is a must-have tool for one-stroke techniques.

Fan brush actually looks like a small fan with a long handle. This brush is very helpful in painting textures, grass, identical leaves, waves, and fir-trees. Oil or acrylic painters will appreciate this tool while working on landscapes. Nail artists use fan brush with shorter bristle for creating a base, when soft transition between a pair of colours is needed.

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