Decola Glass and Ceramic Paints Testing

Decola glass and ceramic paints and liners. We just finished testing these new for Rusart Art Supplies products and we’re sharing results with you.

First of all paints. They are water-based, so they don’t have any unpleasant smell, like lacquer-based ones. For application you’ll need a quite soft synthetic brush as consistency is very fine and semi-transparent. We recommend to have 2 coats of paint as just a single coat doesn’t have enough coverage and seen-through. It’s always better to use light and warm colors first for the same reason.

Colours are very easy to mix and keep their brightness after drying with no changes at all. So, you finish your project and it will look the same after drying, which is great. After drying the surface remains shiny and glossy, so no varnish needed.

Complete drying time is about 3 hours (manufacture recommends 12 hours though); after that it’s safe to apply liners and bring some final touch into an artwork. We added black dots with Decola liners that emphasized colours and brought some charm into my project. Short-time baking (20-30 min) at low temperature (about 100C) is recommended.

We are happy with results and quality of these products. Just wish yellow colour had more pigment load.

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