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Roubloff squirrel round brushes
Roubloff squirrel round brush #1
Roubloff squirrel round brush #2
Roubloff squirrel round brush #3
Roubloff squirrel round brush #5
Roubloff squirrel round brush #6
Roubloff squirrel round brush #8

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Roubloff squirrel round brushes

Medium: Watercolours

Grade: Master and Professional

Material: Squirrel

Shape: Round

Description: Roubloff is a well-know brush manufacture with high reputation. Established in 1988 in Kirov, Russia, this company uses German technologies adjusted by Russian professionals. All these allows to follow high world standards and keep prices more affordable.

These squirrel paint brushes are 'must have' for watercolours. They are incredibly soft and so thin, that tips are hardly can be seen even under a magnifying glass. Squirrel brushes work for liquid and light paints only. They easily absorb water and release it gradually, which makes them unique and irreplaceable for watercolours. That the only kind if brushes allowing you to apply paint layer by layer without disturbing underlying layers.

Round shape is perfect for most kinds of works, especially for details.

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Roubloff squirrel round brushes
Size 1, Long handle

WebID: 003500133

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-01, 07Б R

reg. $7.22
Size 1, Short handle

WebID: 003500320

Manufacturer part #: 211301

Description: White handle

reg. $8.50
Size 2, Long handle

WebID: 003500134

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-02, 07Б R

reg. $10.00
Size 2, Short handle

WebID: 003500321

Manufacturer part #: 211302

Description: White handle

reg. $9.50
Size 3, Long handle

WebID: 003500135

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-03, 07Б R

reg. $12.00
Size 4, Long handle

WebID: 003500136

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-04, 07Б R

reg. $15.00
Size 5, Long handle

WebID: 003500137

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-05, 07Б R

reg. $17.00
Size 6, Long handle

WebID: 003500138

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-06, 07Б R

reg. $19.99
Size 8, Long handle

WebID: 003500139

Manufacturer part #: ЖБ1-08, 07Б R

reg. $33.00
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