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Roubloff Nail Brushes - Kolinsky sable, Round

Medium: Nail design

Grade: Professional

Material: Kolinsky sable

Shape: Round

Description: These Roubloff Kolinsky sable round brushes are specially designed for professional nail artists. High-quality Kolinsky sable hair along with comfortable varnished handle make these brushes must have tools for nail art.

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Roubloff Nail Brushes - Kolinsky sable, Round
Size 0, Short handle

WebID: 007400326

Manufacturer part #: DK1-00, 8RN

reg. $7.88
Size 00, Short handle

WebID: 007400327

Manufacturer part #: DK1-00, 5RN

Description: Size 00

reg. $7.00
Size 1, Short handle

WebID: 007400328

Manufacturer part #: DK1-01, 0RN

reg. $10.00
Size 2, Short handle

WebID: 007400329

Manufacturer part #: DK1-02, 0RN

reg. $13.00
Size 2.5, Short handle

WebID: 007400330

Manufacturer part #: DK1-02, 5RN

Description: Size 2.5

reg. $15.20
Size 3, Short handle

WebID: 007400331

Manufacturer part #: DK1-03, 0RN

Description: Size 3

reg. $16.00
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