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Roubloff Kolinsky imitation brush, round

Medium: Acrylic, Gouache, Oil and Watercolours

Grade: Artist (Casual) and Professional

Material: Kolinsky imitation

Shape: Round

Description: Roubloff is a well-know brush manufacture with high reputation. Established in 1988 in Kirov, Russia, this company uses German technologies adjusted by Russian professionals. All these allows to follow high world standards and keep prices more affordable.

These synthetic brushes are very special ones, because their bristle imitates kolinsky sable hair. Of course, it cannot substitute kolinsky sable hair in full, but bristle is softer and more flexible than of regular synthetic brushes.

- Soft bristle
- Cruelty free
- Perfect for all media: watercolours, acrylic, oil, and gouache
- Durable
- Comfy handle
- Perfectly shaped bristle
- Professional ferrule (bristle holder)

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Roubloff Kolinsky imitation brush, round
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